Learn the Best Way to Convert Excel to Web Application for Free

Learn the Best Way to Convert Excel to Web Application for Free

You must be using various smart apps on your android phones but what if you are asked to create an app of your own? It might or it can be said, it will trouble you for sure. Using Microsoft Excel spreadsheets is a very common practice for all offices across the globe. But here also, dealing with different versions and handling too much data on it can sometimes become troublesome for most of us.

Trunao has come up with the best solution to this. Using this low code platform, you can easily transform your excel sheet into a smart, effective and secure app which will enhance your overall data management. Let’s have a look on how easily you can convert excel to web application in few simple steps without knowing any programming skills.

Step 1: The first thing you have to do is to choose a suitable template according to your specific needs. Then you need to upload all your data into that template and in few seconds, the software updates it on new template.

Step 2: Since your data is in spreadsheet format, hence you have to upload it into a database table which you will find in an option on the software itself. Uploading your spreadsheet into a database table will allow you to make any further changes in it as per your needs and requirements.

Step 3: Now you will need to select a new table and add all your fields into the new application. You can easily rearrange these fields by a simple drag and drop process. Just like your excel sheets, you can choose to add functions and calculations which you want to use in your app. You can add far more complex calculations as you will need to perform for your daily operations.

Finally just go to the build application step and click “create app” and it is done!

Now you are ready with the whole new experience to enjoy working with your online excel database. You can now generate interactive web-based reports, create and edit forms for data submissions, manage user access and permissions and create dashboards for real-time tracking and insights. By choosing convert excel to database offers you much secured platform to keep your records safe and access it with authentic users.

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