Microsoft Excel Is Making It Way Easier To Annotate Your Spreadsheets Online

Microsoft Excel

The way Microsoft Excel has transformed data handling with its powerful features is known to world. Excel as a spreadsheet program provides some of the best and robust formula functions, an easy user interface and convenient tools to manage organizational data. Apart from its Microsoft 365 and VBA functionalities, the Microsoft team is still dedicated to come up with couple of updates through which will allow its users to highlight their certain specific data in the worksheets with the help of highlighter functionalities. Moreover, the second update, which is related to the web version of Excel that enables users to create notes to share and track important information in their online notebooks.

Who all can benefit from this?

The all new features are going to benefit those who are using software to collaborate remotely. This is something which has been quite commonly noticed in the recent pandemic period. Colleagues from different places, discussing on some comment or queries on a particular data can really get some good news in the coming time as Microsoft is working on this aspect.

Security Updates for Share Point server 2019

Microsoft released the following security and non-security updates for Office in December 2020. This security update resolves vulnerabilities in Microsoft Office that could allow remote code execution if a user opens a specially crafted Office file. Also, fixing the failures that occur when you upload files larger than 100 MB through dragging and dropping.

A step forward towards spreadsheets to web app

When you choose to convert your spreadsheet into a fully functional web app, you can avail several benefits and can easily overcome various issues which are often difficult to deal with traditional excel spreadsheet. Using a low-code platform like TrunaoExcel to Database, you can get a highly secured online excel database to increase with your productivity. Moreover, it offers several other benefits like:

Reduced human errors: Providing access to authentic users and allowing permissions, you can simply secure your data from being error-prone due to multiple user’s access.

Access anytime, anywhere: Creating a web based excel spreadsheet allows you to make necessary changes in your data in real time whenever and wherever you want.

Completely secure: This is the most important aspect of getting a web-based Excel app. It offers unmatched security to your confidential data and secures it into a central database.

Versioning handled at its best: You can easily share different files with different departments and users as the master copy gets saved with the central database and you can perform multiple actions in a different template.

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