The Best Free Alternatives for Microsoft Excel

The Best Free Alternatives for Microsoft Excel

Microsoft Excel is the most common and widely used tool for project planning and data analysis. It is a great tool to create numeric grids, specific calculations, tracking inventory and many more functions. However using different versions in the same file may sometime be troublesome in excel spreadsheet. It is always better to create database from excel spreadsheet. Here, we have come up with some of the best alternatives to excel spreadsheet which you can use free to enhance your data handling and procurement.

Google Spreadsheet

Apart from creating a database in excel, you can simply use Google sheets which offers ability for collaborative editing. With asynchronous editing, you can use the comment feature to alert people and assign them tasks that they can then can mark as completed. Its multiple cursors in different colors, moving across the screen at the same time to build a model makes it an ecstatic experience to work on these sheets. Working at scale, it provides great ease to perform larger operations and valuation models. One can easily create charts and link them to Google slides.


It is always better to create app from excel spreadsheet but here is another software which allows you to manage your task, documents, projects and handling data in a very easy way. Not only it allows you to filter and search for the desired task with ease but enables you to assign multiple tasks with just one mouse click. You can easily sync with Google calendar and it enables you to sort your tasks by project.


This tool also offers with almost same features and usability like an excel spreadsheet. It helps you to export spreadsheet directly as PDF files. It also provides cell formatting options for templates, borders, backgrounds, and more. For calculations using excel to database is always the best option but yet you can calculate your cell value based on other cells and can even perform various analysis on its scenario manager. The open office calculator supports multiple users.

Artifact Manager

If you don’t have any idea about how to create database in excel, Artifact Manager can be a good option for you. It delivers an innovative solution to organize, search and keep your documents and personal information absolutely safe. You can classify your documents in a folder hierarchy and if you have forgot to copy a file before making changes in it, this tool allows you to track changes and keep history of your documents.

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