Top Database Management Tools for Small Businesses

Top Database Management Tools for Small Businesses

With a trend where every business organization is heading towards globalization and expanding their approach, it becomes imperative for them to adopt a database management tool which can best suite their requirements. Especially for the startups, creating, managing and updating their data according to their growing needs is very helpful. This of course requires a reliable and efficient Database Management System (DBMS) which are easy to administer, highly scalable, fast and secure. Knowing how to create database in Excel can also be an apt option. We have provided a list of some of the top DBMS which can prove to be effective and time saving for them.

Microsoft SQL Server

This DBMS tool works on Linux and Windows operating system. With its updated version of 2016, it is compatible with Oracle and provides efficient management of workload and allows multiple users to use the same database. However, creating a database in Excel can also prove to be a similar choice for this.


It is another widely used high performance open-source database. It delivers high-intensity data processing through an in-memory database portion and a large storage capacity through an on-disk database portion. It is among those limited database tools which provide scale out technology along with its unmatched sharing.


This is also one of the most preferred DBMS tool by any database administrator. It runs on almost all major operating systems and connects to all commercially viable database search engines. Its Pro version is a growing global success and is used by over 22 500 paying customer organizations in 135 countries.

Oracle Enterprise Manager

This is Oracle’s on-premise DBMS platform which provides a single dashboard to manage all Oracle deployments, in the data center or in the cloud. Oracle Enterprise Manager offers improved visibility and control across your entire IT estate. Best suitable for all businesses irrespective of their size because of its advanced features and functionalities.


Since its conception in 1979, this DBMS has been providing excellent services in managing and controlling all kinds of data import and export. Working on Linux and Windows Operating system, multiple processing of data at the same time becomes quite handy. It allows easy classification and distribution of data for large databases also. The Excel to database conversion also gives you the same performance.


Create database from Excel Spreadsheet

This is also one of the most easy and useful trick to handle your data efficiently. Using low code platforms like Trunao, you can easily create app from Excel spreadsheet and make a strong database for any type of data handling. The Excel to database conversion gives you an extra edge over various versioning and calculation methodologies which can easily be optimized according to your needs.

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