Trunao’s Powerful Feature

Trunao's Powerful Feature

If you have ever tried to use Excel in a shared mode. You would have come up with a pain point of changing a filter and every one of your users will get the new filter on your sheet.

This causes the users a lot of trouble as any change by one user will change your search criteria. If you hide a column the column gets hidden on all users. The popular spreadsheets lack the ability to independently be able to filter, sort, or select columns.

Trunao has an extremely powerful feature to overcome this drawback called Views.

Each user can simply add their filter condition without impacting other users as every user gets their own workspace.

If they prefer to save this filler for regular use they can do so. By saving and providing a filter name.

In addition to filter conditions sort and column show/hide can be stored and retrieved in each view.

Are you still using Excel or Google Spreadsheets? Time for a change.

Sign-up now and enjoy the features you have been missing.

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