October 19, 2020


Update Yourself With 15 Advantages and Disadvantages of Excel Spreadsheets

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Advantages of Spreadsheets

  • You don’t have to spend even a penny in using or in gaining an access to a spreadsheet. You can find them right at the window of your desktops or laptops or even at the screens of your phones.
  • Even a layman, without being abreast of high-end technology can, after a little grooming can learn how to use it.
  • They help to keep data in complete order, just like a wardrobe is used to keep clothes.
  • Makes Calculations Quick and Easy—Among several cells of a spreadsheet, there could be special cells, or the result cells, that contain the calculated results of various other cells. Now, if you make any modifications in the related cells; the numeric values of the special cells change on their own. This makes the editing work more than simple.
  • You don’t have to shove in formulae again and again, as mathematical formulae are a part and parcel of these online excel databases.
  • They are quite capable of scrutinizing as well as managing financial statements, balance sheets, employees’ information, etc.
  • Numerical figures Take Visual Forms—The numeric data very easily acquires visual form. Yes! You can witness complicated numerical information transform into easy-to-understand graphs as well as charts.
  • They assist is conducting sound and reliable business analysis.

Disadvantages of Spreadsheets

  • Since they can be transported from one system to another, online and that too, very easily, a possibility of the leak of confidential information is possible, which can be frightening.
  • Inhouse sharing of spreadsheets is a bit of a difficult task.
  • Since internal sharing of the information remains out of the scene, a simultaneous analysis of different tasks of different employees gets difficult.
  • Work usually gets scattered and messed up due to frequent updates, if they are not well circulated in the entire team.
  • Errors usually prop up from anywhere.
  • Accumulation of all the spreadsheets together becomes a toil.
  • Until and unless a master spreadsheet is developed, data cannot be presented in understandable charts or graphs.
  • Data remains unsafe, especially in the case of catastrophe.


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