Top 7 Reasons Why You Should Turn Excel Spreadsheets Into Web Apps Now

Excel is a flexible program for combining and analyzing all numerical data types, from data storage to data analysis, project planning, and metrics reporting.

Despite its adaptability, Excel comes with several risks, particularly for businesses handling sensitive and mission-critical data. Because of this, more astute companies convert excel spreadsheet to web application free tools for data management.

Keep Your Intellectual Property Safe:

They exchange a lot of information online in their virtual world. You must request that they sign an NDA before sending them your entire document if you want to send someone information about your customized Excel utility.

Pushing Updates:

You can regularly push updates and refresh your product using web-based applications. With Excel to database, every update necessitates the creation of a brand-new document, making it challenging to determine who is using the most recent version.

Obtain Payment:

Due to the lack of straightforward payment integration and a foolproof method to prevent a single customer from sharing the tool with others, it is difficult to enforce a price model for an Excel tool.

Cut Down on Data Restrictions:

Geospatial data can be automatically retrieved into a web application based on the user’s location. A web application can also incorporate automated API pulls, facilitating simple data flow in and out.

Encourage Public Participation:

Decision-makers need tools to transmit critical information to the public and prioritize tasks. Leaders may quickly drive discourse and exchange knowledge with a spreadsheet to database tool using nothing more than a computer screen and a URL.

Enhance the User Experience:

Excel spreadsheets that are complex demand instructions. People can be guided through web-based apps and avoid the cognitive overload of an Excel tool. This frees up more time for decision-making and other crucial tasks because the user needs less time to learn how to utilize a product.

Include Visuals:

When communicating complex information to people who need to be more knowledgeable about the subject, interactive maps, charts, and other representations are crucial. When utilizing Excel only, which was not designed for sophisticated data visualizations, the power of the data is constrained.

Final Thoughts:

When your spreadsheet has exceeded Excel’s capabilities, they may discuss your tool and organization’s long-term objectives and develop a specialized web-based application catered to user’s requirements.

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Why Convert Your Excel Spreadsheets to Web Applications

Microsoft Excel is a robust application to handle all kind of data and information of your business organization. It really offers various powerful tools and features to make you work on different projects and prepare detailed reports. However, with the growing technological innovations and the type of workload organizations face today, it makes them feel to come up with a solution which is fast, secure and highly scalable to deal with huge data handling. As well know Excel in itself is not a database, hence its functionalities seem to be limited for certain tasks. Choosing to convert Excel spreadsheet to web application gives you multiple benefits. This post is just to guide you with the benefits which will completely transform your organization’s data handling tasks.

Eliminating Versioning Confusions

There are situations when you have to share your file among different users, departments or some other sources. Dealing with multiple copies and allowing access to multiple users may create a confusion regarding the master copy or the original one. When you convert spreadsheet database, your master copy is centrally stored in the database and you can perform desired functions on a much authentic and basic version.

Error-proof Documents

Similarly in cases where multiple users are allowed access to a single file, it happens sometimes that due to some little carelessness, there may be some human errors in your user-generated spreadsheets which are difficult to spot and this can really cause you severe damages. Many companies have faced great financial losses due to this. Using Excel in a web app provides you completely secure platform where the original file remains intact.

Increased Productivity

An online Excel database enables you to automate and integrate your native spreadsheet with multiple software and data sources. The users get an opportunity to perform various critical tasks and share information in real time and get quick responses from different departments which overall results in swift activities and enhanced performance. No matter whatever size of data you are dealing in, the excel web app allows you to segment and enforce various processes in a defined way.

High-class Compatibility

When you choose to convert Excel to web application, which runs on a secure server, you can easily assign its access to authorized users and they only require a web browser instead of any local software. By embedding intelligence at the user interface, you can also limit the margins of errors which makes your data more secure and compliant.

Saves Time

With so many smart features available with an Excel web app, you can easily perform different tasks at comparatively less time. As everything becomes automated, so you don’t need to wait for responses and cross-check reports repeatedly every time they are shared among different users. This helps in a great sense to save valuable time for your employees to prepare timely reports.


Spreadsheet to App in Less Than a Minute. Seriously

Microsoft Excel spreadsheet is definitely an effective tool used in almost every office across the globe. It helps in structuring your data in a straightforward way. Sometimes it may get troublesome when it comes to handling massive data and versioning problems. Trunao has brought you the perfect platform where you can easily turn your plane excel sheet into an online excel database. Within a short span of time, you can turn your spreadsheet into a secure running app.

Understanding the need to do this

The traditional spreadsheets are not capable enough to handle abundant data and as a result, it slows down the process and consumes a lot of precious time. An inbox full of excel files can be confusing to determine which file contains the latest updates. Moreover, the spreadsheets may sometime contain secret and valuable data which can be shared via e-mail to any unauthorized person whether intentionally or by mistake. The best way is to convert excel to web application which personalizes your experience and makes it completely secure.

Using Trunao, a low code platform allows you to efficiently create app from excel spreadsheet within few minutes and the good thing is, you don’t have to be perfect with any coding skills with this. Just follow this simple process and it is done.

Step 1: Upload your spreadsheet or you can even choose files from your local drive or drag and drop them into the workspace.

Step 2: After uploading your file, you will be able to view your data in the spreadsheet which is now structured into a table. The column names will turn to field names depending on the type of data. You can even edit the field names or the tables in it.

Step 3: If there are any lookups, it gets auto populated when entered in parent data. Here you can view and edit the existing data relationships, and also create new ones.

Step 4: Once you are done with all kinds of changes you want to make in your files and its data, to convert excel to web application, you just need to click “create application” and it’s done!

See, how simple and time consuming was this. Once you create app from excel spreadsheet, you will enjoy accessing your data anytime, anywhere. Your performance and your team processes will be better supported because you’ll avoid many pitfalls of spreadsheet-run processes.


Introducing Excel’s Three Types of Spreadsheet Databases

We all know that Microsoft Excel is the most commonly used data source across the world. Here we are going to discuss its three categories of spreadsheets through which you can easily and efficiently improve with your all data management and keep your reports and analysis up to the mark. With a trend to convert excel to database and convert excel to web application, there’s a lot more which you can do with your spreadsheets.

The most common one: Simple grey cell tables

Until the launch of Excel 2007, this was the most commonly used spreadsheet available in horizontal and vertical formats through which one can use it to make their budget and maintain general ledger accounts. Using the grey cell tables, you define range names for all key ranges, and then your formulas use only those range names to reference the table. In the vertical style, you can easily assign names by selecting the range and then create names dialogue as per specified tasks.

Excel Tables

Launched with Excel 2007, this excel database allows you to set up excel table or excel names in each column of your data automatically and when you add adjacent rows or columns to a Table, Excel expands the Table to include this new data.

For creating such table, set up your arranged data, select header and choose insert tables in create table dialogue. Excel automatically formats the table and names and like worksheets, you can rename each Table. It offers enhanced computation with specific table names only.

Pivot Tables: A tabular layout

A pivot table is a summary of your data, packaged in a chart that lets you report on and explore trends based on your information. Along with its multiple benefits, this spreadsheet offers you to explore interpersonal data in Excel and to return summarized and filtered slices of the data to spreadsheets.

It offers you multiple reporting options and after Excel 2010, Microsoft added some efficient sources of data for a standard reporting and analysis. You can compare sales totals of different products and represent the total sales in percentage. With a pivot table, you can configure each column to give you the column’s percentage of all three column totals, instead of just the column total.

Software and database experts like Trunao offer a reliable and effective platform to convert excel to database and to convert excel to web application. Using coding platforms like Trunao will definitely improve your data management with improvised excel spreadsheets.


Benefits of Converting Excel to an App

Using a software platform like Trunao, which offers a perfect coding solution to manage and modify your excel spreadsheets in a desired way. It simplifies the complete process and provides you with a robust and secure online excel database to operate.

We are going to discuss some important aspects of how to convert excel to web application and the benefits related to it.

Secured Platform: By allowing multiple people to input and amend data may make excel sheet corrupt, when you convert excel to database, it offers you a completely secure tool which can be easily shred in and out of your organization. You can restrict multiple users according to their needs and whether they can make any changes or can just see the information, you want them to view.

Effective Versioning: Again, sharing excel sheet with different people and departments may create a confusion regarding the original or master copy. By making excel an app, the original version is stored centrally and you can easily share its different versions as per your needs.

Saves Time: As you are able to avoid many pitfalls in running a spreadsheet process, this saves you your precious hours of basic and repetitive work. It helps you to create a streamline your project and implement sustainable improvements.

Automation and Integration: Your excel spread sheet often requires access to other data sources or programs with conventional copy-paste activities. It enables process automation where data can be generated by running other programs or querying databases and that too without the involvement of user.

Active Notifications: You get automatically generated notifications e-mails for any approval, additional input from other users or departments which helps to streamline the complete process in well-structured manner.


Start converting your spreadsheets into apps…now!

You must have encountered businesses instilling information related to their different activities into spreadsheets. But what we need is that these spreadsheets should be effective and productive to the numerous people that have been associated with them. They should be in the reach of all the members in the team through an online excel database. There arise several queries in your minds regarding the number of people accessing it and their varying locations, the speed of your app, the benefits that people will derive from your app, and the approachability of your app to mobile phones, PCS or laptops. These are the essentials that require you to convert excel to web applications, and therefore, Trunao has plenty of tools for you to facilitate this conversion process.

To have an online Excel database, you must make sure that your spreadsheet finds place in Google docs. All you need to do is upload it there. And then you can implement Google app script on it which makes all the Google docs members, such as word docs, Excel spreadsheets or Access databases, forms, etc.—active and on the move, means that they rest on a central focal point, within the reach of everyone who require it.

Now, let us tell you what all you think of app is capable of:

Apps allow you to browse through them, to have a glimpse of various lists, picture galleries and an array of user-friendly content. They make an access to your personal information, you either have to purchase them or show your preferences to them or ‘accept’ their conditions.

Why we need to convert excel to web applications?

Reason behind this is that Excel make things helter-skelter. Misleading files revolve around among people leading to a kind of anarchic situation. App clouds such as Office 365 have made the things much easier and simpler. App clouds are constructed using apps and then they play the role of shared databases.

Here are some steps to follow for creating online excel database:

  • Identify the Data Source and Choose It: The data can be found on your Excel sheet or google doc or it can be a part of third parties such as Microsoft Dynamics, etc.
  • Take the help of App Wizard for choosing templates.
  • Demarcate cells—Input and Result Cells: Make a list of cells that can be transported into the app. And you don’t have to cram the entire list into it. Only certain cells need to be chosen. Captions can be modified by you. Moreover, every element can be directly changed by using the mouse.
  • Your turn to Pick Relevant Theme: This adds to the visual effects of your app that shows so many calculations

Now if you have any queries as to how to create a spreadsheet or how to create web apps, head towards Trunao.


Ward off All the Excel Problems by Having an Ultimate Solution

Excel always has a problem in dealing with enormous amount of data, scattered over millions of rows and columns. Error-marked calculations are likely to crop up, while using Excel. We can say that Excel is incapable of assessing and managing huge data.

The errors that arise in Excel, arise without any kind of prior intimation. You never know when they might occur to hamper all your calculations in order to misguide your overall analysis. According to a well-analysed study of the year 2008, around 88% of the spreadsheets that we work on were marked with shocking errors. We keep on working with the misleading data without even acknowledging it. And in spite of this horrifying fact, 99% percent of business firms are dependent on Excel spreadsheets as they all do their financial analysis, budget calculations as well as strategizing by concentrating on the data provided by Excel spreadsheets. But, the necessity to convert Excel to web application seems to be predominant.

Excel can never be used as a substitute for a Database

If you are thinking of making Excel a good substitute for a reliable database, then we would suggest you not to do that. Because using it in that way ends up in presenting you with a horizontal workbook, wherein the same records keep on replaying themselves in the same pattern in multiple sheets. And these sheets can’t even be related to each other in order to have a perfect relational analysis. And the speed of worksheet also gets decreased. In such a case, none other than online Excel database serves the purpose.

Blank cells in between are capable of creating blunders. Most of the times, empty cells suggest to you that your data finishes here. The consequence of this is certainly incorrect data.

Stuffing one cell with massive information is unextractable. Instead, different cells can be used for the same. They facilitate and simplify sorting. For example, while entering names, the first name and the last name can be separated and put into separate cells.

One can’t take the initiative to build a spreadsheet by himself

We might have acquired mastery on various things, but it would be better if you don’t initiate this, unless and until you are an actual expert. A prebuilt template can help you out in this, or else you can take the assistance of a professional.

Excel is not a perfect place to incorporate WordArt

One can’t think of beautifying your Excel application with WordArt. Because this overshadows even the basic formulas that are there in Excel. Moreover, professionally also, it is not wise to use them. And to have even more professional experience, do make it a point to convert excel to web application.

Switch to Trunao for having a solution to the chaos that is created by Excel.


See What Excel Offers with Its Three Kinds of Spreadsheet Databases

No skillful database professional would ever refer to spreadsheets as “databases,” it doesn’t give justice to the term. Still they seem to be all pervasive in your report sharing when it comes to doing analysis by small businesses. Till now, we have witnessed three varieties including Simple Tables that arrived with Excel 2.0, Excel Tables, that pulled into the year 2007 and Pivot Tables, that made their entry in the year 2010.

Although there are various features in Excel that simplify work, still we can’t ignore what databases offer and there always remains the need to convert Excel into database. Now, let’s go deep into the varieties of spreadsheets that we have come across with their very arrivals:

Simple Tables

They are also referred as “Grey cell” spreadsheets, which are marked by various manual functions from the user’s end. You can choose from various month options and period options from the predefined list. Specific range names are placed in there by you manually, cell names are exempted from this. If you convert Excel to web application, you would definitely be more than surprised, as there would be much more than expected.

Excel Tables

In these tables, Excel performs automatic adjustments. With each addition of column or a cell, Excel does instant expansion of tables. And this is quite dissimilar to the Simple Tables, where it is the manual effort that is put to use.  In these tables, you are not free to refer to rows or columns directly in performing calculations. Instead, you have to choose a particular formula and then you’ll have to refer to the actual amount with that, without mentioning the row or column.

Pivot Tables or Excel 2010

Here, you find innumerable rows, columns as well as cells scattered across the entire Excel spreadsheet. It can be divided into three forms. Yes, when data is related to alphabetic characters defining specific information, then we refer to it as Labels. However, numerical data comes in the category of Values. And when commands related to calculations are incorporated, we call them Formulas.

Each cell of Excel 2010 can store loads of information. You can’t even imagine how much information each cell must be containing because when we browse through the spreadsheet, we can only find information of the size of the cell, which gets visible to us. Special formats for dates can be spotted in Excel. In spite of these amazing features, the need to convert Excel into database cannot be neglected.

These Pivot tables are very essential for conducting relational analysis. As a user, you can bask in its reporting capabilities. If we use these tables as a group, we can reap the highest benefit.



Keep Your Spreadsheets from Miss happening

Troubles can be easily put aside, if the most frequently occurring mistakes are prevented by us and if you know how to convert Excel to a web application. It increases productivity and improves the overall functioning of Excel. Even if you are an expert in dealing with Excel, you do tend to make mistakes. We are putting forth some useful suggestions that are likely to make your Excel experience amazing.  With Trunao, let’s skim through a brief description on them:

Don’t Trust Linked Workbooks

Excel workbooks that are well connected to each other and that are also dependent on each other can always be misinterpreted. They are more than enough to puzzle you. Maybe you can get used to them if you are a single user, but for multiple users, they are not suggested.

Data Should Not Be Ruined

We as amateur users, do tend to ruin our existing or previous data and enter new data in its place. In this way we can deprive ourselves of the essential information that can be used in future. An online Excel database prevents us from doing such damages.

Tables in Excel Should Be Widely Used

Table objects come with attractive features. They can be easily formatted and various calculations can be performed because that is an in-built feature in them.

Blanks Shouldn’t Be Left

Once may come across sorting problems as well improper filtering if blanks are not filled out. Correct values cannot be attained, if time and again we leave blanks and spaces unfilled.

Don’t Give Excel the Position of a Database

If you do this, you might have to confront damages that wouldn’t be repaired and confusions that wouldn’t be easily resolved.

Don’t Ignore Work Security

Creation of an Excel spreadsheet requires the involvement of your time as well as effort. It is something of great significance. Therefore, it shouldn’t be roaming around and reaching out to the unwelcome people. Make sure to lock the to-be-protected cells that should not be modified by anyone. This will assure security and reliability.

Avoid Referring Columns with Numerical Values

It might be an attractive and easy thing to have column names with numerical values. But it can really be catastrophic.

If you convert Excel to online database, all these probable dangers can be avoided and productivity will be enhanced. Trunao will surely help you out in these.


Are Questions Cropping Up Your Mind Related To Microsoft Excel?

People generally ask multifarious questions related to the functioning of Excel spreadsheets. This is because of Excel’s awesome capabilities of conducting multiple functions. However, people do come up with umpteen number of questions, to which solutions are needed instantly. Some of such questions are stated below. Just have a look:

  • How can varied documents be opened in one go?
  • How two comments of any document can be visualized and perceived in one go?
  • How to make columns as well as headings of each and every row eye catchy?
  • How worksheets can be assigned varied names?
  • How to pick and choose one call or multiple cells at a time?
  • How cells can be keep under the curtain so that they become invisible?
  • How casing of the alphabets can be manipulated?
  • How to disallow a file in getting exposed to any kind of editing?
  • How to the employ the short keys in the most appropriate way for performing necessary functions?
  • How to mold Excel so that it acquires the most sought-after mail merging capabilities?
  • How to create a close connection between a large number of cells in the spreadsheet?
  • How to make any kind of alterations in the Excel workbook that is being used by everyone in the team?

In order to have solutions to the above-mentioned questions, head towards Trunao, asd you’ll get all your answers.


Convert Excel to an Online Database

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