How to Be Significantly More Productive in Excel

Productive in Excel

Microsoft Excel offers you a perfect platform to perform a variety of daily operations for different types of businesses across the globe. Handling abundant data on excel spreadsheets and managing them effectively however sometimes becomes really challenging. With the help of our experts, we have provided hare some ways through which you will learn how to make a spreadsheet and can increase your productivity using excel and also make sure that your data remains best available for your organizational use and that too in a safe and secure manner.

Using Shortcut Keys

To save your time, these keyboard shortcuts will prove to be very effective and productive for your daily use operations.

For selecting only visible cells: Just select the range you want and then press “Alt+” to exclude hidden entries.

Moving to different worksheets: Hold down the Ctrl key and press Page up and Page down.

Finding matching entries: to open the Find and Replace window, use Ctrl + F. Use Shift + F4 to find the next matching entry. To find the previous match, just use Ctrl + Shift + F4.

Using Pivot Tables

Choosing to convert excel to web application is the best way to enhance your experience with excel. Using date and time as a metric within pivot tables is one of the most powerful ways to analyze the data. In your pivot table, select one of the cells that contains a date in the day format, right click and choose Group. You can now select how you want to group your dates for more meaningful analysis and insights.

Using Format Painter

There are situations when you have to re-apply format option every time in your worksheet. To avoid this repetitive process you can use the “Format Painter Tool”. Simply highlight the range of cells whose format you want to replicate elsewhere, then click on the paintbrush Format button in the Home ribbon tab. Then click on the cells where you wish to apply the formatting.

Inserting Live Data

In Excel 2010 and later you can automatically update your worksheets with time sensitive data directly from the Internet. Things like stock prices, exchange rates and other updates which are to be made on a daily basis can easily updated with this trick. Using an online excel database is the best option.

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