How Not to Screw Up Your Spreadsheet Design

Screw Up Your Spreadsheet Design

How to make a spreadsheet decides the efficiency and usability which it will offer to you. You need to well decide your development process before you start with your any work on excel sheet. We have mentioned some most common pitfalls and by avoiding these during your designing phase, you can set up a spreadsheet which will give you the best result.

Avoid inserting too much rows

With an increasing trend to convert excel to web application, Excel spreadsheets allow you to opt as many rows as you can. But here, if you think that you can enter a lot of data with these million rows, you have to rethink your database. Excel spreadsheet simply can’t handle much abundant data efficiently.

Using Excel as your database

However there is similarity in an excel sheet and a database table. Excel displays data in rows and columns, but that’s as close as an Excel sheet and a database table get. If you must use an Excel workbook to store data in database, think in terms of a flat file database or prefer online excel database.

Use of two-dimensional sheets

Generally excel offers you its three types of two-dimensional sheets in which you can even add more. People often put everything on the first sheet and avoid the rest sheets. It is advised to avoid doing so as it may result in cramming the whole data ending up in a mess. When designing sheets, online excel database is good option for major functions or tasks.

Set your sheets to Manual

Excel by default, automatically recalculates formulas on a change of dependent cell. This results in slow performance of your workbook. When you set the calculation mode to manual, the sheet will then recalculate only when you explicitly tell it to by pressing F9. However for enhanced functionality, people prefer to convert excel to web application.

Line breaks and Wrapping text

Typing in excel is always frustrating as the text goes straight without wrapping back down to a new line. You can simply create a new line by pressing Alt+Enter or can click on the wrap text option under the home tab. By doing this, all text wraps right at the edge of the cell you’re in. Resize the row/column and the text re-wraps to fit.

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