Best Solutions For Tricky Excel Problems

Best Solutions For Tricky Excel Problems

Trunao is the best platform which provides solution to enhance your spreadsheet usability and avoid any mess during any important data handling. You can easily manage and personalize your excel database using this wonderful coding platform.

Using excel, what begins as a small project in Excel grows into something massive and you could also face speed and stability issues, or even a development problem you can’t solve.  

Making it Multi User

Usually what happens, if you have opened an excel file and performing some task on it and in the meanwhile some other person wants to open that same file, excel asks you to wait but you can’t depend on its notifications.

Spreadsheet Design & Layout

It is essential that you use an organized and logical flow with all of your dependencies on one Excel spreadsheet. For maximized data visualization with Excel, you should also keep your formulas minimal and organized so that they aren’t jumping all over the workbook. You can even opt to convert excel to web application for best results.

Excel data Validation

Typing errors are also accepted by excel by default and doing this regularly may get you in serious trouble. Setting up validation in look up lists is always an option but these can be difficult to maintain. You can set up a rule that limits data entry to 4-digit numbers or in specific texts. It is best to use an online excel database.

Excel Navigation

Searching for several sheets in excel can sometimes by very frustrating. You can use shortcuts like Ctrl+ page down to go on next sheet and Ctrl+ page up to come back to previous sheet. Similarly using a right click or Shift+F11 to insert a new worksheet.

Using these simple techniques will definitely improve your performance with your excel database which will result in high-end efficacy.

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