Excel Vs. Openoffice: Differences Between Excel and Openoffice

Differences Between Excel and Openoffice

When it comes to spreadsheet software, Excel is still the most widely and commonly used software tool for performing all data handling operations and preparing project work. Today, there are many spreadsheet software which offer almost same functionality like Excel and one most popular among them is OpenOffice. The list making, sorting and filtering capabilities of both Excel and OpenOffice are almost the same. Knowing how to create database in Excel helps you in all ways. Let’s take a look on the differences and similarities in both the spreadsheet software.

User Interface

OpenOffice, when you open several spreadsheets, each spreadsheet opens in its own window which is called a Single Document Interface (SDI). In Excel, these spreadsheets open under one parent window which is called a Multiple Document Interface (MDI). When you close the parent window, all files are also closed. Here, OpenOffice gets an advantage over Excel as it is easier to navigate within an SDI. To create database from excel spreadsheet is the best solution to this.

Preparing Charts

OpenOfffice offers you a multiple charting options to display your data in a meaningful way but there, Excel exceeds with its some of the best additional display options which you can use to enhance the comprehensiveness of your project report. OppenOffice can’t create fill gradients, and has fewer chart types whereas Excel recommends charting options for your specific data.


When we talk about shared categories, both OpenOffice and Excel are categorized as spreadsheets and in terms of unique categories, OpenOffice has no unique category whereas Excel provides you with a unique category through which you can extract a list of distinct values from multiple columns. Creating a database in Excel offers you with enhanced functionalities.

Array Formulas

OpenOffice supports array formulas (formulas entered using Control+Shift+Enter), but it can’t have array constants in a formula. Whereas Excel array formulas seem to rely on the way that Excel is calculating a result in a non-documented way, such a practice is not a good idea even within Excel only. If you create app from Excel spreadsheet, using array formulas becomes much efficient and useful as well.

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