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Which of These Five Excel Features Do You Use?

Excel is a powerful tool that is widely used by numerous users and companies all around the world. Several software claims to organize and store your data seamlessly, but Excel remains the go-to product when it comes to storing and organizing large data.

Users have started to opt to convert Excel to web app solutions, as the limitations of the Excel spreadsheets can put them in vulnerable situations. However, millions of users still use Excel to manage their data.

Trunao Can Take Your Worksheets to the Next Level if You Use the Below Features of Excel.

Protect Spreadsheets and Lock Specific Cells

Often at the workplace, you tend to share your Online Spreadsheet with your co-workers or other collaborators, which can be risky as the core elements of the worksheet can be messed up. You may share the Excel spreadsheets to add data, but there are chances that your collaborator may accidentally make changes in data or cells. Excel allows you to protect the data with password-restricted access to control who can view or edit your worksheet. Trunao’s advanced encrypted technology makes your data’s confidentiality safe and protected.

Data Validation

The new Excel features enable data validation, creating drop-down lists that allow users to quickly recognize errors and blunders by restricting users from selecting one value from the defined options. Trunao allows users to transform Excel spreadsheets into web applications that work great on any device.

Excel Macros

Excel Macros are another great feature that saves users time and effort by detecting repetitive tasks by monitoring every step and then automating it. Instead of applying effort and wasting time, Excel makes these tasks easier.


The Excel forms make tracking changes in Excel easier and simpler. You can simply add data to your Excel spreadsheets with simple and clear fields. Trunao allows you to create customized forms with a simple drag-and-drop option.

Multiple Rows

Excel allows you to easily add multiple rows between existing rows, open an Excel file online and edit, and press ctrl+shift++. You can add multiple rows to match your suitability.

Trunao’s built-in filters and sorting allow you to change column functionality per your requirements. Trunao upscales your Excel spreadsheet game by making it elegant, secure and simpler. We take your Excel spreadsheets to the next level with an online database, the solutions to your storage and security troubles. Avail the 30 days trial and explore the benefits of Trunao Today.

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Excel to Database

Using Excel for Data Management is Risky?

Many organizations depend on Excel to manage their data, which is the reason for numerous database losses. Data worth millions of dollars are lost or stolen annually due to the reliance on Excel for data management. Due to the limitation of MS Excel, businesses incur heavy losses and many company data in Excel is very common.

Here is Why Using Excel Spreadsheet Like Data Management is Risky for Any Business:

Data Integrity

Data analytics using Excel has very poor data integrity, where the cells in the table accept data from any column. The data management tools are inaccurate and non-consistency, which makes the result unreliable.

Suppose you use Trunao to convert Excel to web application, which helps generate numerous Excel sheets into web applications. In that case, your database is stored in a secured server, making it safe from being stolen or lost.


Creating a database in Excel sheets is limited to the maximum number of rows and columns, a major drawback that means the data should be limited within the capacity. This could be a shortcoming for businesses with a lot of data to store.

If you compare this Excel to web applications, the data can be stored and accessed from anywhere. Trunao lets you convert Excel spreadsheet to database. You can add new features to suit your capacity.

Faulty Control

When an Excel spreadsheet is used to store, no version control exists, creating duplicate flies that cause confusion and delays. There is no real-time tracking which causes risk to the data integrity.
With an online Excel viewer data can be tracked in real-time, which cannot be provided by a simple Excel spreadsheet.

Cost Factor

When you have an Excel spreadsheet, you are paying for the software, hardware, and maintenance costs. But when you convert Excel to online database through a web application, it proves to be cost-effective in the long run, as you’re paying for the development and the hosting only once. This is another reason you should turn towards Excel to a web app with Trunao without coding.

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Blog Excel to Database

In Google Docs, How Do I Upload a Spreadsheet? 

Here is How You Can Upload a Spreadsheet in Google Docs:

  • Create your spreadsheet file and place it in a folder that is easily accessible. Trunao helps you convert your spreadsheets into an integrated database.
  • In the next step, open your Gmail account and open the ‘drive’ icon on the left top of your screen. With Trunao, your online Excel Viewer can be migrated into a cloud database which helps with storage issues.
  • Set your ‘upload setting’ properly. For that, click on ‘upload setting’ and then click on ‘convert uploaded files to Google doc format’. You can also use an Excel to Online Database by Trunao. It is a free online spreadsheet editor that allows you to create, edit and view Excel from any device with an internet connection.
  • Drag the mouse downwards and click on ‘upload.’
  • When you click ‘upload,’ a small pop-up menu appears with two upload types: ‘files’ or ‘folders.’
  • Now, click on ‘files’ to import your file.
  • Next, you have to select your file, and on the pop-up box, click ‘open.’
  • The upload starts
  • When you click ‘upload,’ a small pop-up menu appears with two upload types: ‘files’ or ‘folders.’
  • Now, click on ‘files’ to import your file.
  • Next, you have to select your file, and on the pop-up box, click ‘open.’

Once the spreadsheet is uploaded, you can edit your spreadsheet through Trunao’s spreadsheet editor, which is easy to use, high in quality and gives the best results with your google sheets created and edited spreadsheet online. An online Excel document editor is an effective tool for both advanced and beginner users.

Its features are:

  • To Create New Excel Files or to Edit the Existing Excel Files
  • To View Excel Files From Any Device That Has an Internet Connection
  • With Other Users You Can Share Files
  • You Can Add and Remove Sheets, Cells, and Formulas
  • Cells and Ranges Can Be Easily Formatted
  • Charts and Images Be Inserted

Trunao also provides users with extra features that Convert Excel to Web Application and editor enable them to work easily with their support staff, offering support and advice to get the best out of their service.

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Excel to Web App

Web-based Excel Application Conversion Process – How to Do It the Right Way

Today, it has become necessary for many small businesses to use Microsoft Excel spreadsheets as their organization’s database to access those insights from any location, at any time, and on any platform. Many companies have begun looking for an Excel-to-web app conversion solution.

Depending on the demands and use cases involved, there are appropriate and inappropriate ways to handle this process and both are worth a closer examination. You can complete this procedure with an online excel editor free. Here are various steps for the web-based excel application conversion process, which is listed below:

Import Your Spreadsheet:

You can easily import several web based excel spreadsheet from your uploaded Excel files in the first step using Trunao point-and-click procedures. You can start the Excel to Web App conversion by initiating this process.

  • On your PC, you can launch a Trunao Platform.
  • Create one by opening a sheet.
  • On the menu at the top, select File, and then click Import.
  • A file without a password should be chosen.
  • Choose Import.

Log in or Register:

  • Log in if you previously registered.
  • Or sign up using simple navigation
  • Choose the uploaded files you want to edit from the dashboard.

Trunao upgrades your records in an organized excel to database context by utilizing distinctive data kinds and relationships.

Build Powerful Excel Web Apps:

Construct multi-user web interfaces with the Trunao visual application builder. Using code is not required for this stage.

Summing It Up:

You may be aware that many firms save their data in Excel sheets. Recent technological advancements make it possible to convert excel into web application. These are the steps you must consider if you seek the conversion process.

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Excel to Database

How to Build an Online Excel Database Without Coding: Easy Step-by-step Guide

It can be simpler for users to access, save data, and retrieve information pertinent to their needs by developing an application that uses a database. It is more challenging to load data to excel to database because most databases are extensive and contain a lot of information with positive comments.

A web-based application that stores and organizes information is known as an online database. Most apps are fundamentally made to store data, and nowadays, you can develop a platform without knowing how to code using a database builder.

Server Login:

You must first create an account with the online database service provider, who will supply you with the tools to develop your app before doing anything else. Online spreadsheet database can be made without cost. However, a better server is pricey but worth it. The database server also offers the client tools you will need to maintain your online database. Using these tools, you can build tables, indexes, and other database structures.

Connect to Software:

Your database needs to be connected to web software for everything to work. The edit xlsx file online is accomplished by having the computer read the information received from your database before sending users web pages depending on the information in the database. It is linked together using a connection string. Other online software components are used to do data searches, modify existing entries, and add new ones.

Useful Information:

Your database is empty if it doesn’t include any meaningful data. If a firm already has this data saved on a spreadsheet, copying it using the tools offered to clients may be simple.

Summing It Up:

You will be able to comprehend the potential of a high-level no-code program and the difficulties associated with using one. Therefore, constructing an online database application is simple without coding.

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Top 7 Reasons Why You Should Turn Excel Spreadsheets Into Web Apps Now

Excel is a flexible program for combining and analyzing all numerical data types, from data storage to data analysis, project planning, and metrics reporting.

Despite its adaptability, Excel comes with several risks, particularly for businesses handling sensitive and mission-critical data. Because of this, more astute companies convert excel spreadsheet to web application free tools for data management.

Keep Your Intellectual Property Safe:

They exchange a lot of information online in their virtual world. You must request that they sign an NDA before sending them your entire document if you want to send someone information about your customized Excel utility.

Pushing Updates:

You can regularly push updates and refresh your product using web-based applications. With Excel to database, every update necessitates the creation of a brand-new document, making it challenging to determine who is using the most recent version.

Obtain Payment:

Due to the lack of straightforward payment integration and a foolproof method to prevent a single customer from sharing the tool with others, it is difficult to enforce a price model for an Excel tool.

Cut Down on Data Restrictions:

Geospatial data can be automatically retrieved into a web application based on the user’s location. A web application can also incorporate automated API pulls, facilitating simple data flow in and out.

Encourage Public Participation:

Decision-makers need tools to transmit critical information to the public and prioritize tasks. Leaders may quickly drive discourse and exchange knowledge with a spreadsheet to database tool using nothing more than a computer screen and a URL.

Enhance the User Experience:

Excel spreadsheets that are complex demand instructions. People can be guided through web-based apps and avoid the cognitive overload of an Excel tool. This frees up more time for decision-making and other crucial tasks because the user needs less time to learn how to utilize a product.

Include Visuals:

When communicating complex information to people who need to be more knowledgeable about the subject, interactive maps, charts, and other representations are crucial. When utilizing Excel only, which was not designed for sophisticated data visualizations, the power of the data is constrained.

Final Thoughts:

When your spreadsheet has exceeded Excel’s capabilities, they may discuss your tool and organization’s long-term objectives and develop a specialized web-based application catered to user’s requirements.

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Is Trunao Best for Convert Spreadsheet to Web Application?

Are you looking best for converting a spreadsheet to a web application? If yes, Trunao is the best option which helps to convert spreadsheet to the web application. The Import procedure is quite sophisticated and easy to use. Excel spreadsheets will advance thanks to the groundbreaking no-code app builder from Trunao and its integrated online database.

Using a robust no-code app builder, you can quickly convert spreadsheet to web application for free. Without writing any code, you can create helpful business apps, publish worksheets online, and collaborate safely with many users.

Ease Usage:

A strong foundation is necessary for flawless operation and the best possible results. Additionally, putting things up can squander even more of the limited time. It is simpler to customize their web applications, which also makes changing the app’s appearance simpler.

  • The Trunao online application is incredibly user-friendly.
  • To enable you to work effectively

Fast Transaction:

Managing your finances, preventing you from breaking the law, automating company processes, and enabling cross-departmental collaboration are all features of the web-based Excel spreadsheet database. They handle every aspect of your accounting, from sales orders to contract negotiations, so you can concentrate on running your business.

  • For your clients, quickly produce invoices.
  • Refunds and returns are handled.

Secure Payments:

You can start accepting payments securely after quickly creating a customized payment page. An online spreadsheet editor will create a secure payment website that can be made without writing a specific piece of code.

  • They offer a smooth, safe payment process.
  • The repeating transaction with simple payment

Wrapping It Up:

From those mentioned above, create interfaces like forms, charts, and reports to go along with your data immediately. You can construct online Excel applications with their guided development approach and point-and-click features.

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Excel to Database

Create a Website-based Database Without Coding With Trunao

Lead Generation Forms

Make it possible for potential clients to input their contact information on your online submission forms so that your sales staff receives a consistent flow of leads. A step further would be nice. Connect your lead generation forms to your personalized CRM database to aid in your reps ability to turn these leads into sales.

Feedback and Survey Forms

What is the best method for determining what your customers want? You may create customer surveys using a low-code development platform and personalise them with checkboxes, dropdowns, and other features. Use passwords and clues to ensure privacy and security.

Searchable Databases and Directories

Everyone can access a single source of truth using a searchable database and directory, preventing the usage of out-of-date information.

Data Visualization Tools

In order to spice up your database-driven website, it allows you to create interactive graphs, charts, calendars, and more. Instead of looking at rows and rows of raw data, use visual reports to view, analyse, and display patterns and metrics.

Events and Membership Management Systems

Do you manage donations and plan fundraisers as a foundation? To collect and arrange attendance information, use your database-driven website as a complete registration system.

Fields in the Online Database

Each data container will have various fields for data display or, if necessary, for end users to enter data. The fields are listed and have been set up for records in the person data container. The definition process is entirely visual and offers a wide range of pre-built customization choices, including text, numbers, dates, auto-increment, reminders, photos, and more.

Forms for Data Entry and Display

Field definitions enable the creation of forms from which fields can be assembled. The user’s main point of contact with your app will be the forms. Forms can be created for a number of uses, including data export, data entry, report display, and structuring reminder emails. There are different sets of forms that are defined for each data container and employ its unique fields.

Access control settings for each type of form can be specified separately when using data container-based forms, which is a significant benefit. As a result, you may design some forms to display information that only specific users are allowed to view or update. Depending on what the user truly needs to view in particular conditions, you can develop alternative forms that limit the quantity of data being shown.

Building forms for your app is an entirely visual, code-free process, similar to designing the hierarchy and layout of your Online Spreadsheet. The presentation of the data will be entirely under your control. To create tables, categorise data based on specific criteria, and provide end users with simple search options, pick the fields to be shown, click, and then select the fields to be displayed. A form to display contracts organised by category has been made in the forms editor displayed below. It listed in a table are the contract ID, title, and status.

Define Data Filters

You can construct filters that limit the display of records in specific contexts using visual tools after designing your data containers, fields, and forms. There are many uses and benefits for filters, which come in both simple and complicated varieties.

• Using filters to limit the data displayed in a list and report forms
• To preselect users who will get reminder messages using alert groups, restrict user access to data
• To allow end users to search more quickly, predefine record searches for each data container
• To make it easier for users to find the information they need quickly, the administrator of your online database has added a number of filters to the contracts data container.

Database Roles and Permissions

Cloud-based data makes it simple and visible to define specific roles and permissions for viewing and editing the data in your online database. The contracts database permissions are set up for users with the marketing role.

Be Wise With Your Security

Your online database will provide an administrator’s user ID and password that grants full access. It is a good idea to make other user IDs and passwords for access to particular data items in order to prevent security lapses and to reduce the likelihood of losing everything at once. Choose a free online excel editor which offers expertly made-themes or tools that will enable you to produce simple and unique designs that can be used throughout your app.

Program Connection

It is usually a good idea to plan your app’s development in phases because doing so will encourage feedback while it is being produced. This will allow you to avoid the common mistake of having to make changes after your app debuts.

The greatest strategy is to alter little and often. Adjustments are made in response to input received throughout the development phase, as it is always more challenging to remedy issues once actual data has been entered. Once the app has been launched, a few changes will be apparent.

Hopefully, you will learn about making a website-based database without coding. These are the ways you can follow when you are creating a website based database without coding. It may be simpler to create an application that utilities a database.

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Excel to Database

5 Causes to Move Your Data Out of Excel and Into a Database

Spreadsheets have long been the preferred method for storing and distributing data. After all, convert excel to web app gives your company a flexible and affordable tool to store and analyze data. You can use them to produce tables and charts, sort data, and apply filters based on your requirements. They only give you access to basic query capabilities when handling documents or storing data for the long term.

Safe and Secure Data Access for Multiple Users:

A database is made expressly to allow numerous users to view the same data sets simultaneously. People can access information, but their capacity to change particular pieces can be constrained. Data and document versions can be tracked, and it is simple to compare changes made.

Eliminate Data Duplication:

Spending time and effort on a spreadsheet to discover that information has been duplicated unnecessarily and needs to be checked can be frustrating convert excel to web app. Data in a database is linked to a single record so you can quickly and easily identify everything attached, delete duplicate data, and keep things structured and manageable.

You May Have Access to All Data:

While you may store a given amount of data with this tool, the spreadsheet will begin to stutter and groan under the weight of all the information. Additionally, instead of repeatedly starting over, a well-designed database can last you for years and years.

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Use the Data Quickly:

A database is a collection of data that can run complex queries on datasets to extract the required information. A database offers you independent and different data and reporting tools, allowing you to construct personalized reports. Building reports using a spreadsheet can take a lot of effort and raise the chance of human mistakes.

You Can Examine for Quickly:

You will discover that a spreadsheet may only sometimes be able to provide you with the data you are looking for promptly, even for relatively simple questions. You can save a lot of time and effort by using a database.

Parting Words:

It is a self-hosted business intelligence application that enables you to upload unprocessed data from excel to database and turn it into safe, interactive dashboards on the web. Reports and dashboards are immediately updated if new data is added, replaced, or appended to the same spreadsheet.

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Excel to Web App

Top 5 Excel to Web App Alternatives for Business

Microsoft Excel, a well-known spreadsheet tool from Microsoft, allows users to arrange, examine, convert excel to a database, forecast, and visualize data in a tabular format. The tool has been a part of every company’s toolkit since the dawn of time.

However, the employment of alternative hardware and software has been mandated by many issues for many businesses. Excel is undoubtedly supported by great technology. It is easy to learn, extensively used across sectors, and controls the data essential to the firm’s running. Let’s discuss the top 5 Excel to web app alternatives for business:


You may effortlessly upgrade your spreadsheets into an online database by using Trunao. With Trunao – Excel to Online Database app, you can publish all Excel worksheets online, safely share them with others, and work together with a large number of users in a no-code web application using an integrated online spreadsheet database. It is the best Excel web app. Request information from your clients by sending them a link. The forms are automatically created. Drag and drop allows you to modify them easily. The sorting and filters are predefined. A filter for that column is automatically applied if the column is visible. A quick all-column filter is additionally offered.

Google Sheets

Google Sheets, arguably the most well-liked Excel substitute, is similar to Excel in design and functionality. Charts, graphs, integrated formulas, pivot tables, and conditional formatting are just a few of the time-saving capabilities it offers that are similar to those of Excel. Everybody with a Google account can access it for free. You need not bother backing up your files because all the information is stored in the cloud. You can access them from practically any country if you have Internet access. Google sheets are the best excel alternative. To simplify creating your spreadsheet quicker, Google Sheets includes pre-made templates suitable for presentations.

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Libre Office

In the same way, Apache Open Office evolved from the original Openoffice.org and LibreOffice is an open-source Excel substitute. LibreOffice is an alternative to the entire Microsoft Office suite, not simply Excel. However, even if set aside the fact that LibreOffice offers all of the fundamental Excel functions, such as pivot tables and text to columns, comprehensive formatting is missing from LibreOffice. Additionally, there have been numerous instances where the application has crashed while managing a huge amount of data. And because of this, LibreOffice is frequently regarded as the most acceptable option for individual use but less for in-depth commercial analysis.

Zoho Sheet

Small- to medium-sized enterprises can benefit from the operational support offered by the Zoho suite of applications. The look and functionality of Zoho Sheet, a free account option, are comparable to those of Microsoft Excel. The program lets you quickly switch between formats like.xlsx,.xls,.csv, and. ods while also allowing you to open files on your PC or import a sheet from a URL. Because the program and storage are cloud-based, you may view the files on your computer, mobile device, and from any location with an Internet connection. You can even work in real time with your team.

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FreeOffice 2016

Microsoft Office’s file formats are entirely compatible with the most recent version of SoftMaker’s FreeOffice 2016, so you won’t encounter any surprises when transferring data into MS Office. This is a free program with a rapid load time and an interface that resembles that of Microsoft Office. With capabilities like conditional formatting and pivot tables, PlanMaker, FreeOffice’s Excel alternative, closely resembles Excel in functionality. You may also use elements like images and drawings, as well as tools for data visualization, to help you generate materials suitable for presentations.

Finally, the above details are the top 5 Excel to web app alternatives for business. These are the top Excel to web app substitutes for businesses and with their help, you can save your database securely and make spreadsheets more quickly.

Convert Excel to an Online Database

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