See What Wonders Excel Sheets Are Capable of Creating

What if your so much easily-working spreadsheets prove out to be a disaster? And what if all .xlsx extension files appear in front of you with only slightest name modifications? Won’t you get confused to a great degree and won’t your work get interrupted? Certainly, there is no doubt in it. There has always been this kind of problem in dealing with Excel spreadsheets. They become difficult to handle if the person who initiated them quits the organization.

Also, they become less handy and not at all approachable, as they cannot be easily and straight away transported to our mobile handsets. We also can’t insert images into them. Therefore, when we move over from our small-scale firms to large businesses, we do take into consideration the need to create app from Excel spreadsheet. Observing your day to day needs, we at Trunao have all the essential tips to convert Excel to web application.

Web apps are wonderful options to get rid of spreadsheets. Trunao only demands file uploading from your end and then you get easily transported to a world of richly built online Excel database. The web application that we knock out has features that are out of the box.

And what you will love is you don’t have to be a skilled and professional programmer for this. In addition to the, all the team members get more than happy with their allowance to access this application. Your inbox will not at all look crowded now and multifarious versions of the same file wouldn’t disturb you anymore. Moreover, this app allows you to add a higher level of technicality to it, as you can instill visual effects, insert dashboard pages and create multiple number of changes. And all this becomes possible only if you convert excel to web application.

Let’s See How this Web App Conversion Works:

  • As soon as you are through with the file uploading, you will find that your spreadsheet gets well examined, along with its contained data and a new app emerges, adding to your surprise.
  • We mark this app with domain features and add various pages to it for the overall control of data.
  • We transport your entire data into our newly created app.
  • We see to it that your data doesn’t possess numerous versions, promoting chaos.
  • We generate relational capabilities to this newly formed app.
  • We keep data from going in the hands of unauthorized parties and therefore, complete safety is guaranteed from our side.

Therefore, do not miss the chance to create app from Excel spreadsheet and choose none other than Trunao for having amazing online Excel database.


How To Share An Excel File For Easy Collaboration

If not all, most projects require the use of spreadsheets. They are easy to use and manage—but apart from that, they are almost mandatory for data storage and assessment with its filters and other features. However, collaboration isn’t one of the pros of an Excel sheet. It’s fun and games till one person is doing it, but the heavy files do not support collaboration of different individuals involved in the project. Well, there are things you can do to overcome this setback.

Offline Sharing 

If you don’t have an online Excel database, local area networks are your next bet for enabling the users to access and edit data, more than one-user-at-a-time. If that weren’t enough, all the changes are saved offline securely.

Share a Document

In Quick Access Toolbar, you can see Share Workbook option. Don’t forget to go to advanced and enable track changes and other tools as per your requirements.

Share Excel Files Online

Without a shared local drive, offline sharing becomes impossible. However, sharing Excel files online is a great option for those who don’t work on a local network. Using One Drive or Google Drive you can share the file online for others to access.

Convert Excel to Database

If you and your employees want access to data anytime, anywhere, this is the solution. Doing this enables your business to grow aggressively as multiple people can collaborate at the same time. It also adds security to your data and gives you tons of features for smooth data recording and analysis.

Trunao offers a smooth integration to an online platform, where the size of the spreadsheet does not matter. A simple and effective tool should also be hassle free to use, and getting the data online takes care of that.


Sharing Forms with Confidence

Sharing Spreadsheets with others has always been a nightmare. In the past, the only way to send worksheets to others was by attaching them to emails and sending them across the World Wide Web. Any new changes to those spreadsheets meant a new version had to be emailed. It would clog up email accounts and sometimes even accidentally pick up the wrong version.

With the use of Trunao and Cloud Sharing, it has been extremely convenient and easy. Your users will always have the latest data at their fingertips. With the help of Trunao, you can also get the data on mobile and have exactly the same look and feel as it would on laptops or tablets.

With Google/Excel Spreadsheets, you can share your sheets so that everyone gets the entire sheet with either a view-only document or all edit features with no granular control. With Trunao Share, however, you have a lot more options and micro-managing control over your sheets and data. Let’s look at the various options in Trunao – online excel viewer and editor.

Share Permissions:

Form Menu to Select Share
Invite User tab

As shown in the image above, you can invite users as Admin or Users. Admins have full access similar to the Owners. Users have access to the permissions that you deem fit to authorize. You can restrict the user to any of the actions displayed above.

Column Restriction:

In addition to the permissions, you can also exercise control over which columns are sensitive in your sheets and must not be shown to others. At a column level, you can select groups to hide the columns. This way they will have all the other columns except for the ones you have explicitly blocked as shown below.

Are you still using Excel or Google Spreadsheets? Time for a change.

Sign-up now and enjoy the features you have been missing.

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Excel to Database

Trunao’s Powerful Feature

If you have ever tried to use Excel in a shared mode. You would have come up with a pain point of changing a filter and every one of your users will get the new filter on your sheet.

This causes the users a lot of trouble as any change by one user will change your search criteria. If you hide a column the column gets hidden on all users. The popular spreadsheets lack the ability to independently be able to filter, sort, or select columns.

Trunao has an extremely powerful feature to overcome this drawback called Views.

Each user can simply add their filter condition without impacting other users as every user gets their own workspace.

If they prefer to save this filler for regular use they can do so. By saving and providing a filter name.

In addition to filter conditions sort and column show/hide can be stored and retrieved in each view.

Are you still using Excel or Google Spreadsheets? Time for a change.

Sign-up now and enjoy the features you have been missing.

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Streamline Your Data by Converting Excel to Online Database

Making excel sheets and maintaining them has been the part and parcel of today’s life in multiple stages. No matter what industry you work in, your work profile demands you to be able to create and manage Excel sheets. This has most probably caused you to suffer from the chaos that Excel causes to its users. Although organizing data in Excel sheets and then sharing said sheets through emails can work for the small businesses. And if your business is booming and you are in need of massive amounts of data, then this route will not work for you. It can easily result into corrupted and confusing data, costing your organization huge time and money. It can even lead executives to make many incorrect decisions.

Convert Excel to Online Database

In such a scenario, you have an option to convert Excel to online database. This way you can save the data from getting corrupted. Excel sheets are not designed and or developed for collaboration with the multiple users at one go. In fact, most business activities require collaboration with many departments in the organizations concerned. Convert Excels to online database as it allows you to share the application to multiple users at some time in customized roles and permissions.

Benefits of Converting Excel to Online Database

  • One central place for the data
  • No file too big email bounces
  • Complete data security
  • Easy to use
  • Customized roles and permissions
  • Easy to share with others

Convert Excel Spreadsheet to Online Database

Manage your business data effectively through converting the Excel spreadsheet to online database. Trunao offers user-friendly tools with many useful features such as master-detail, attachments per record, change history per cell, etc. If you don’t have a Trunao account yet, sign up now for a free trial and move to your first excel to web application in minutes. You can share your feedback for us to continue improving our services.

Converting Excel files into Trunao online database not only diminishes your Excel chaos but also aids to create efficient workflows for better business processes.

Visit us at to find more.

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How data driven is your organization?

Around 56% of small to medium enterprises struggle between managing and maintaining their databases. Most of these businesses are at a loss while deciding to choose between using simple MS Excel spreadsheets and investing money in maintaining a cloud database solution. While both of these solutions have their respective benefits and advantages, the key difference between the two is that simple spreadsheets analyze data while database solutions uphold and maintain data. Convert Excel to Online Database

While technologies around us begin to transform from analog to digital, it becomes important for businesses to catch up on this digital transformation in order to stay in the competition. One of the most important steps to digital transformation is maintaining data in the cloud. Not only is this a smarter and a more efficient method compared to Excel spreadsheets but also increases the overall productivity of the business. There are several cloud database solutions out there. Some of them include programming in Tableau and MySQL whereas others include renting out relational database management systems from companies like Salesforce and Microsoft. While these are the most frequently used solutions utilized by larger enterprises, many of the smaller businesses hesitate to employ these solutions due to a lack of programming expertise in the team or a lack of funding to invest in ready-made CRM solutions.

Maintaining a cloud database is inevitable for any company in the market. Hence, in order to make this process a lot easier for small to medium enterprises, Trunao offers a readymade solution to fix this problem. Trunao is an excel to a cloud database converter. It is a simple solution that allows organizations and corporate users to upload their simple Excel files and instantly convert excel to web application free them into a ready-to-use database. As like mentioned before, this database turns out to be extremely useful in analyzing the daily routine of the company by providing empirical statistical solutions such as pivot table or smart analyses such as form and report generators, linked hierarchies between forms, real-time document and photo uploads linked to every row of the data, auto-save features and much more! Trunao is simply a user interface tool made to make the business processes of small companies much easier so that these companies stop worrying about managing and handling their data and focus entirely on their product development and marketing.

Finally, the main question that comes to anyone’s mind when they hear the word ‘cloud’ is whether their data will be secure. Trunao takes care of this concern by offering an end-to-end encryption feature to all its users. This feature creates a tunnel between the user and his/her data where there is no chance of any third-party interference. Hence, keeping the data secure and completely isolated. Additionally, it employs a cryptic architecture as well. By doing this your data can only be viewed by you and the people you share it with.

While these features might seem overwhelming and costly, Trunao offers free and unlimited access to the cloud to its single users, whereas a $10 per month subscription to its corporate users with a free 30-day trial period. Hence, not only is Trunao a cost-effective and efficient solution for data management but is also a quick and easy fix to problems faced by small and medium enterprises regarding their data.

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Excel to Database

Why are Business still using Excel as a database?

In my years of experience, I have struggled with users using #Excel as a #database. The problem is once they start using it, then it’s never easy to convince them even when you have built the greatest of systems. #Excel users will usually never want to switch.

I cannot fully blame the users as to when they would go to IT for a new database application usually the estimate provided is upwards of $40,000. Then the question asked by CEO is “Does this system add to the bottom line?”. If not then there is no funding. This action then legitimizes the use of #Excel forever. This also impacts the users end up doing a lot of labor-intensive work just to keep that information going.

In addition, it also becomes a nightmare for the IT as users then have a lot of #Excel versions _v1, _v2…_vN on their disk drive and on the emails. No one seems to be worried about deleting either the email or the file from the storage device.

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I am not saying #Excel or #spreadsheets is bad. #Excel was not designed to be a database. I think it’s time that we have a system that is as simple, more user-friendly, with all the features that a #database should have, and much more is provided to the #business.

Thanks. Do share your comments and thoughts.

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