The Best Spreadsheet Software & App

Working on spreadsheets provides an effective platform for proper and timely execution of report and project work for almost every organization. Getting a right spreadsheet not only allows you to swiftly handle multiple data sets but also keeps you on track for accomplishing your targets. Apart from numerous competitors in the spreadsheet software providers, Microsoft Excel still remains the first choice for most of the business organizations across the globe.

Sometimes Excel is Problematic

However, there were some challenges while using Excel sheets like its single-user status, version confusions when sharing with others, error prone data and its navigation. Keeping in view the enormous scale at which Excel is used, there are some coding experts like Trunao which came up with the best solution for this.

This leading low code software expert managed efficiently to transform your Excel sheets into a highly functional web application which you can design yourself with features desired by you. Making an online Excel database allows you to overcome all the above mentioned issues in the best possible way. Let’s take a look on how does it work on creating a database in Excel.

Reduced Human Errors

When you create database from Excel spreadsheet, you completely get rid of those common errors which are made in user-generated spreadsheets. Online Excel database allows you to share it among various users with a great ease and that too without any human errors involved in it. You can easily assign each user what you want them to see and edit. The problem of versioning, thus, ends here as the main copy is stored centrally with the app’s software.

Enhanced Scalability

As Excel in itself is not a database, hence, it is quite difficult to scale. Knowing how to create app from Excel spreadsheet allows you to support complex data types, categorize different files and records and implement real-time multi-user input. Offering swift scaling operations will allow you to improve your efficiency no matter how big the data or the operation becomes.

Automation & Integration

When you create database from Excel spreadsheets, you can easily allow access to different data sources or programs which was earlier done by a lengthy copy and paste process. An online Excel database enables process automation where data can be generated by running other programs or querying databases – without the user having any involvement.

It is useless to say that converting Excel into a web app will definitely save your precious time and we know that time is money, hence, if you still want to perform complex data operations using Excel, this Excel to database conversion will give you the best experience which one can never get on any other spreadsheet software.


Top Database Management Tools for Small Businesses

With a trend where every business organization is heading towards globalization and expanding their approach, it becomes imperative for them to adopt a database management tool which can best suite their requirements. Especially for the startups, creating, managing and updating their data according to their growing needs is very helpful. This of course requires a reliable and efficient Database Management System (DBMS) which are easy to administer, highly scalable, fast and secure. Knowing how to create database in Excel can also be an apt option. We have provided a list of some of the top DBMS which can prove to be effective and time saving for them.

Microsoft SQL Server

This DBMS tool works on Linux and Windows operating system. With its updated version of 2016, it is compatible with Oracle and provides efficient management of workload and allows multiple users to use the same database. However, creating a database in Excel can also prove to be a similar choice for this.


It is another widely used high performance open-source database. It delivers high-intensity data processing through an in-memory database portion and a large storage capacity through an on-disk database portion. It is among those limited database tools which provide scale out technology along with its unmatched sharing.


This is also one of the most preferred DBMS tool by any database administrator. It runs on almost all major operating systems and connects to all commercially viable database search engines. Its Pro version is a growing global success and is used by over 22 500 paying customer organizations in 135 countries.

Oracle Enterprise Manager

This is Oracle’s on-premise DBMS platform which provides a single dashboard to manage all Oracle deployments, in the data center or in the cloud. Oracle Enterprise Manager offers improved visibility and control across your entire IT estate. Best suitable for all businesses irrespective of their size because of its advanced features and functionalities.


Since its conception in 1979, this DBMS has been providing excellent services in managing and controlling all kinds of data import and export. Working on Linux and Windows Operating system, multiple processing of data at the same time becomes quite handy. It allows easy classification and distribution of data for large databases also. The Excel to database conversion also gives you the same performance.


Create database from Excel Spreadsheet

This is also one of the most easy and useful trick to handle your data efficiently. Using low code platforms like Trunao, you can easily create app from Excel spreadsheet and make a strong database for any type of data handling. The Excel to database conversion gives you an extra edge over various versioning and calculation methodologies which can easily be optimized according to your needs.


The Perfect Spreadsheet: Solution for Messy Excel Problem

Excel spreadsheets are now more than a grid based file to a powerful tool functioning like databases or apps that perform numerous calculations on a single sheet. You can also combine data between several sheets, and visualize it in color-coded tables for an at-a-glance understanding.

Usually what begins as a small project in Excel grows into something massive and you could also face speed and stability issues, or even a development problem you can’t solve. Trunao is the best solution which can enhance your spreadsheet usability and avoid any mess during any important data handling.

Making it Multi User

Usually what happens, if you have opened an excel file and performing some task on it and in the meanwhile some other person wants to open that same file, excel tells him that the file is already opened or may ask you to wait till the first user exits. You simply can’t depend on its notification. To avoid this solo user trouble, you can switch to online excel database or turn on shared workbook features.

Spreadsheet Design & Layout

While designing a spreadsheet, the calculation stack should be designed effectively to ensure the best excel dashboard software performance. It is essential that you use an organized and logical flow with all of your dependencies on one Excel spreadsheet. For maximized data visualization with Excel, you should also keep your formulas minimal and organized so that they aren’t jumping all over the workbook. You can even opt to convert excel to web application for best results.

Excel data Validation

Typing errors are also accepted by excel by default and doing this regularly may get you in serious trouble. It is possible to set up validation in look up lists but these can be difficult to maintain. Creating authentic validation rule controls your data in specified cells. You can set up a rule that limits data entry to 4-digit numbers or in specific texts. It is best to use an online excel database.

Excel Navigation

Searching for several sheets in excel can sometimes by very frustrating. You can use shortcuts like Ctrl+ page down to go on next sheet and Ctrl+ page up to come back to previous sheet. Similarly using a right click or Shift+F11 to insert a new worksheet. To move a worksheet, click the tab and hold. A mouse pointer will appear and you can move the tab to the spot you want.


The Best Free Alternatives for Microsoft Excel

Microsoft Excel is the most common and widely used tool for project planning and data analysis. It is a great tool to create numeric grids, specific calculations, tracking inventory and many more functions. However using different versions in the same file may sometime be troublesome in excel spreadsheet. It is always better to create database from excel spreadsheet. Here, we have come up with some of the best alternatives to excel spreadsheet which you can use free to enhance your data handling and procurement.

Google Spreadsheet

Apart from creating a database in excel, you can simply use Google sheets which offers ability for collaborative editing. With asynchronous editing, you can use the comment feature to alert people and assign them tasks that they can then can mark as completed. Its multiple cursors in different colors, moving across the screen at the same time to build a model makes it an ecstatic experience to work on these sheets. Working at scale, it provides great ease to perform larger operations and valuation models. One can easily create charts and link them to Google slides.


It is always better to create app from excel spreadsheet but here is another software which allows you to manage your task, documents, projects and handling data in a very easy way. Not only it allows you to filter and search for the desired task with ease but enables you to assign multiple tasks with just one mouse click. You can easily sync with Google calendar and it enables you to sort your tasks by project.


This tool also offers with almost same features and usability like an excel spreadsheet. It helps you to export spreadsheet directly as PDF files. It also provides cell formatting options for templates, borders, backgrounds, and more. For calculations using excel to database is always the best option but yet you can calculate your cell value based on other cells and can even perform various analysis on its scenario manager. The open office calculator supports multiple users.

Artifact Manager

If you don’t have any idea about how to create database in excel, Artifact Manager can be a good option for you. It delivers an innovative solution to organize, search and keep your documents and personal information absolutely safe. You can classify your documents in a folder hierarchy and if you have forgot to copy a file before making changes in it, this tool allows you to track changes and keep history of your documents.


Spreadsheet to App in Less Than a Minute. Seriously

Microsoft Excel spreadsheet is definitely an effective tool used in almost every office across the globe. It helps in structuring your data in a straightforward way. Sometimes it may get troublesome when it comes to handling massive data and versioning problems. Trunao has brought you the perfect platform where you can easily turn your plane excel sheet into an online excel database. Within a short span of time, you can turn your spreadsheet into a secure running app.

Understanding the need to do this

The traditional spreadsheets are not capable enough to handle abundant data and as a result, it slows down the process and consumes a lot of precious time. An inbox full of excel files can be confusing to determine which file contains the latest updates. Moreover, the spreadsheets may sometime contain secret and valuable data which can be shared via e-mail to any unauthorized person whether intentionally or by mistake. The best way is to convert excel to web application which personalizes your experience and makes it completely secure.

Using Trunao, a low code platform allows you to efficiently create app from excel spreadsheet within few minutes and the good thing is, you don’t have to be perfect with any coding skills with this. Just follow this simple process and it is done.

Step 1: Upload your spreadsheet or you can even choose files from your local drive or drag and drop them into the workspace.

Step 2: After uploading your file, you will be able to view your data in the spreadsheet which is now structured into a table. The column names will turn to field names depending on the type of data. You can even edit the field names or the tables in it.

Step 3: If there are any lookups, it gets auto populated when entered in parent data. Here you can view and edit the existing data relationships, and also create new ones.

Step 4: Once you are done with all kinds of changes you want to make in your files and its data, to convert excel to web application, you just need to click “create application” and it’s done!

See, how simple and time consuming was this. Once you create app from excel spreadsheet, you will enjoy accessing your data anytime, anywhere. Your performance and your team processes will be better supported because you’ll avoid many pitfalls of spreadsheet-run processes.


Learn the Best Way to Convert Excel to Web Application for Free

You must be using various smart apps on your android phones but what if you are asked to create an app of your own? It might or it can be said, it will trouble you for sure. Using Microsoft Excel spreadsheets is a very common practice for all offices across the globe. But here also, dealing with different versions and handling too much data on it can sometimes become troublesome for most of us.

Trunao has come up with the best solution to this. Using this low code platform, you can easily transform your excel sheet into a smart, effective and secure app which will enhance your overall data management. Let’s have a look on how easily you can convert excel to web application in few simple steps without knowing any programming skills.

Step 1: The first thing you have to do is to choose a suitable template according to your specific needs. Then you need to upload all your data into that template and in few seconds, the software updates it on new template.

Step 2: Since your data is in spreadsheet format, hence you have to upload it into a database table which you will find in an option on the software itself. Uploading your spreadsheet into a database table will allow you to make any further changes in it as per your needs and requirements.

Step 3: Now you will need to select a new table and add all your fields into the new application. You can easily rearrange these fields by a simple drag and drop process. Just like your excel sheets, you can choose to add functions and calculations which you want to use in your app. You can add far more complex calculations as you will need to perform for your daily operations.

Finally just go to the build application step and click “create app” and it is done!

Now you are ready with the whole new experience to enjoy working with your online excel database. You can now generate interactive web-based reports, create and edit forms for data submissions, manage user access and permissions and create dashboards for real-time tracking and insights. By choosing convert excel to database offers you much secured platform to keep your records safe and access it with authentic users.


Is Google Sheets Similar to Excel

Today, there are many alternatives to Microsoft Excel spreadsheets available in the market. We will discuss some familiarities and major differences between excel and its closest competitor Google Sheets. With a growing trend in online excel database, Google Sheets have managed enough to be a good alternative for performing various tasks like on excel sheets. After performing a deep scrutiny by our data handling experts, we have elaborated some major differences in both these spreadsheet software which are mentioned below:

Collaboration Capabilities

Google Sheets allows multiple users to easily edit the sheet at once, while Microsoft Excel’s standard version only offers this feature to those who are a part of the office insider Program’s Fast ring. However, using Trunao or Microsoft’s cloud-based version of Excel is comparable to Google sheets in its collaboration capabilities.


Both programs have interfaces that are easy to get to grip with, extensive knowledge base, and a plethora of tools and functions. But when it comes to perform on massive data and access to manage thousands of cells, Excel definitely exceeds Google Sheets here. With options like convert excel to web application, no spreadsheet software can match excel performance.

Cloud & Syncing

Google Sheets was built from the ground up to be a cloud based alternative to Microsoft Excel. Everything is accessible from your Google account and you’ll be able to see and access all of your files from Google Drive. Whereas Excel on Office 2019 or earlier requires a bit of setting up. The best way to come up with this issue is to opt online excel database. In terms of offline access, excel has a proven excellence over decades  and now you can set it up so that your files automatically sync via OneDrive as soon as you regain internet access.

Performing with Formulas

This remains another area where no other spreadsheet software can match excel. However, Google is trying its best to catch up with this field but for the time being, in terms of functions and formulas, Excel users get two advantages over Google Sheets users. Excel offers some really great features for documentation for which it is still the most widely used software for offices across the globe.

So, if you use some low coding platforms like Trunao, which simply offers to convert excel to web application, there is surely no close competitor to it in terms of any of the features and functions mentioned above.


Introducing Excel’s Three Types of Spreadsheet Databases

We all know that Microsoft Excel is the most commonly used data source across the world. Here we are going to discuss its three categories of spreadsheets through which you can easily and efficiently improve with your all data management and keep your reports and analysis up to the mark. With a trend to convert excel to database and convert excel to web application, there’s a lot more which you can do with your spreadsheets.

The most common one: Simple grey cell tables

Until the launch of Excel 2007, this was the most commonly used spreadsheet available in horizontal and vertical formats through which one can use it to make their budget and maintain general ledger accounts. Using the grey cell tables, you define range names for all key ranges, and then your formulas use only those range names to reference the table. In the vertical style, you can easily assign names by selecting the range and then create names dialogue as per specified tasks.

Excel Tables

Launched with Excel 2007, this excel database allows you to set up excel table or excel names in each column of your data automatically and when you add adjacent rows or columns to a Table, Excel expands the Table to include this new data.

For creating such table, set up your arranged data, select header and choose insert tables in create table dialogue. Excel automatically formats the table and names and like worksheets, you can rename each Table. It offers enhanced computation with specific table names only.

Pivot Tables: A tabular layout

A pivot table is a summary of your data, packaged in a chart that lets you report on and explore trends based on your information. Along with its multiple benefits, this spreadsheet offers you to explore interpersonal data in Excel and to return summarized and filtered slices of the data to spreadsheets.

It offers you multiple reporting options and after Excel 2010, Microsoft added some efficient sources of data for a standard reporting and analysis. You can compare sales totals of different products and represent the total sales in percentage. With a pivot table, you can configure each column to give you the column’s percentage of all three column totals, instead of just the column total.

Software and database experts like Trunao offer a reliable and effective platform to convert excel to database and to convert excel to web application. Using coding platforms like Trunao will definitely improve your data management with improvised excel spreadsheets.


How to Be Significantly More Productive in Excel

Microsoft Excel offers you a perfect platform to perform a variety of daily operations for different types of businesses across the globe. Handling abundant data on excel spreadsheets and managing them effectively however sometimes becomes really challenging. With the help of our experts, we have provided hare some ways through which you will learn how to make a spreadsheet and can increase your productivity using excel and also make sure that your data remains best available for your organizational use and that too in a safe and secure manner.

Using Shortcut Keys

To save your time, these keyboard shortcuts will prove to be very effective and productive for your daily use operations.

For selecting only visible cells: Just select the range you want and then press “Alt+” to exclude hidden entries.

Moving to different worksheets: Hold down the Ctrl key and press Page up and Page down.

Finding matching entries: to open the Find and Replace window, use Ctrl + F. Use Shift + F4 to find the next matching entry. To find the previous match, just use Ctrl + Shift + F4.

Using Pivot Tables

Choosing to convert excel to web application is the best way to enhance your experience with excel. Using date and time as a metric within pivot tables is one of the most powerful ways to analyze the data. In your pivot table, select one of the cells that contains a date in the day format, right click and choose Group. You can now select how you want to group your dates for more meaningful analysis and insights.

Using Format Painter

There are situations when you have to re-apply format option every time in your worksheet. To avoid this repetitive process you can use the “Format Painter Tool”. Simply highlight the range of cells whose format you want to replicate elsewhere, then click on the paintbrush Format button in the Home ribbon tab. Then click on the cells where you wish to apply the formatting.

Inserting Live Data

In Excel 2010 and later you can automatically update your worksheets with time sensitive data directly from the Internet. Things like stock prices, exchange rates and other updates which are to be made on a daily basis can easily updated with this trick. Using an online excel database is the best option.


How Not to Screw Up Your Spreadsheet Design

How to make a spreadsheet decides the efficiency and usability which it will offer to you. You need to well decide your development process before you start with your any work on excel sheet. We have mentioned some most common pitfalls and by avoiding these during your designing phase, you can set up a spreadsheet which will give you the best result.

Avoid inserting too much rows

With an increasing trend to convert excel to web application, Excel spreadsheets allow you to opt as many rows as you can. But here, if you think that you can enter a lot of data with these million rows, you have to rethink your database. Excel spreadsheet simply can’t handle much abundant data efficiently.

Using Excel as your database

However there is similarity in an excel sheet and a database table. Excel displays data in rows and columns, but that’s as close as an Excel sheet and a database table get. If you must use an Excel workbook to store data in database, think in terms of a flat file database or prefer online excel database.

Use of two-dimensional sheets

Generally excel offers you its three types of two-dimensional sheets in which you can even add more. People often put everything on the first sheet and avoid the rest sheets. It is advised to avoid doing so as it may result in cramming the whole data ending up in a mess. When designing sheets, online excel database is good option for major functions or tasks.

Set your sheets to Manual

Excel by default, automatically recalculates formulas on a change of dependent cell. This results in slow performance of your workbook. When you set the calculation mode to manual, the sheet will then recalculate only when you explicitly tell it to by pressing F9. However for enhanced functionality, people prefer to convert excel to web application.

Line breaks and Wrapping text

Typing in excel is always frustrating as the text goes straight without wrapping back down to a new line. You can simply create a new line by pressing Alt+Enter or can click on the wrap text option under the home tab. By doing this, all text wraps right at the edge of the cell you’re in. Resize the row/column and the text re-wraps to fit.

Using low code platforms like Trunao, you can enhance your database and its functionality in an effective manner.